The "America's Got Talent" judge, who was on a coffee run with his wife, had good news for fans later.
You may already know about the Starbucks apple crisp macchiato, but there are more out there worth trying.
A PSL itself isn't exactly healthy, but the real problem is what it makes your body crave after you drink it.
Candles, seasonings, home decor, beauty and other PSL-inspired items that won't nauseate you and the people who still love you.
They're super fruity and better yet, they're not so complicated that they'll get your barista fired.
Josie Morales doesn't regret joking about a customer’s very elaborate Frappuccino order, saying “I feel like it brought some light upon how crazy orders can be.”
Baristas share their honest opinions about customized beverages and how to ask for them respectfully, if you must.
"Do I think a commercial can change the world? Probably not. But I’m encouraged that the world seems to be changing commercials."
Starbucks PSLs are the fall coffee drink, of course. But are they a bad idea nutritionally?
The iconic drink returned to coffee shops for its 17th year in a row on Tuesday.