'Q,' Smartphone App, Aims To Build An All-Inclusive, Online Queer Community

Queer community building in 2015 happens, more than ever before, in an online context.

In light of this, a new app called "Q" aims to create the biggest and most all-inclusive queer social networking platform that allows all people identifying as queer to connect, no matter what their gender. While other queer apps tend to be for specific kinds of bodies or meeting people for specific kinds of connections, "Q" aims to complicate the way that the queer community meets and interacts with one another in online space.

Creator Eric Cervini decided to build the app out of a frustration with how most apps made for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community tended to be for white, masculine gay men looking for sex.

"When we log on, we're constantly told to be a man, to have a perfect body, to act or to talk a certain way, to be someone other than who we truly are," Cervini said in a press release. "We deserve better. 'Q' is open to anyone who identifies as queer, and we rely on our members to tell us how we can be as inclusive and user-friendly as possible."

Users on "Q" are required to display their first name and a photo, and are encouraged to share their stories through "memoirs" that have no character limit. As "Q" is currently in the early stages of development, Cervini emhpasized that changes and developments would be made based on the experiences and feedback of the "Q" community.

Want to learn more about "Q"? The app is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign. Head here for more information.