Rachel McCarty's Driveway Stolen, Anthony Jones Arrested

Forget about highway robbery -- one Florida woman says thieves stole her driveway.

Rachel McCarty, 40 told investigators she arrived at her Reddick home after work at about 6 p.m. Tuesday and felt a strange "bump," according to

"I noticed there was definitely something missing in my peripheral vision," she told WPTV.

The 200 paving bricks that had previously been used to make her driveway were gone.

"I thought it was very bold, and brazen and bothersome," the alliteration-loving woman told CF News 13.

One of McCarty's neighbors said she saw two men digging up the driveway, but didn't think they were committing a crime.

"She just figured it was somebody who worked for us and was picking it up," McCarty said.

On Thursday night, the neighbor called deputies, saying that the two men had returned and were taking more bricks. Anthony Jones, 49, was arrested in connection with the Thursday incident, but police have not confirmed his involvement with the first incident, according to WFTV.

"People will steal anything," McCarty told the station.



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