It's National Raspberry Cream Pie Day! Need A Recipe? (PHOTOS)

Yes, seriously. Apparently this is a thing. A delicious thing.

Happy National Raspberry Cream Pie day! Yes, apparently National Raspberry Cream Pie Day is a thing! Apparently raspberry cream pie is a thing! A thing we've been missing out on. Which seems really silly because raspberry cream pie sounds like something that we're going to really enjoy eating. We're going to eat the hell out of some raspberry cream pie.

While most of us at HuffPost Taste have devoted our loyalty to fruit pies, a few of us think cream pies (especially chocolate cream pie) are the best things to consume in a pie shell. Raspberry cream pie is finally going to bring our two feuding Houses of Pie together in peacetime. We can't figure out who started National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (which falls on August 1 every year). We can't even really figure out where raspberry cream pie recipes come from, regionally. Raspberry cream pie has just emerged, like a beautiful silverback gorilla from the mist. A gorilla holding delicious, seasonally-appropriate pie. We hope it's here to stay.

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