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Reddit Poster Documents Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye (PHOTOS)

Does dyeing your hair ever make you feel like a different person? Can a hairstyle change your face shape? Well, what about your head size? A friend of Reddit poster JohnTheRevelatorJR found that his brother's head swelled considerably after a botched at-home dye job.

Flip through this album to watch John's transformation from normal to, um, engorged. According to comments on Reddit, these reaction photos span a week and a half. Looks like Beauty Horror Stories happen to more than just the editors here at HuffPost Style.

This HuffPost UK blogger cautions us on how easy it is to prevent allergic reactions like John's. Dye can cause an anyphylactic reaction, which can result in serious permanent brain damage, and even put you in a coma.

Watch this Reddit user's head grow below:


reddit bad hair dye

reddit bad hair dye

reddit bad hair dye

reddit bad hair dye

(H/T Gawker)

Some more bad hair moments:

Helena Bonham Carter, 2012

Worst Celebrity Hair Ever

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