Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard Attend Broken Memories Film to Support Alzheimer’s Month

<strong>Ron Howard</strong> and<strong> Bryce Dallas Howard Attend Broken Memories Los Angeles Release</strong>
Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard Attend Broken Memories Los Angeles Release

November is National Alzheimer’s Month, a disease that has affected over 250,000 people in Los Angeles.

To create awareness for this illness, a special Los Angeles film debut of Broken Memories, presented by Digital Jungle Pictures and starring Rance Howard (Jasper), father of producer Ron Howard, was held at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Bryce Dallas Howard, along with her father Ron appeared to show their support for the film and Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles prior to the screening.

The two gave a moving tribute to their real-life grandfather and father Rance Howard and praise for the film, sharing an emotional story on how the elder Howard lost his wife to Alzheimer’s Disease after the film had been produced.

During the after-party, the cast and crew mingled with guests. I spoke with Ivan Sergei, who plays the role of Jasper’s son Levi in the film, and shared my personal story of losing my grandmother to Alzheimer’s many years ago.

One line of the film touched me when Sergei visited Howard once in the nursing facility. “Do I know you?” Howard asked of Sergei. Those were the only words my grandmother had said to me when I first visited her at a nursing home. I know I’m not alone with this painful experience.

Broken Memories depicts the real-life struggles a family goes through when a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. The film can be viewed at

The event was a benefit for Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles (ALZGLA).

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