Sammi Giancola Talks Intelligence Of 'Jersey Shore' Cast

Sammi Giancola: 'We're All Smart In Our Own Way'

"Jersey Shore" star Sammi Sweetheart considers herself the calm, cool and collected force on a show that is anything but. And although the show highlights the entire cast's crazy ways, she told me that her co-stars are far from stupid.

"I have my shy moments and me being outgoing, but you don't see it all because it's a one hour show," Sammi told me on my HDNet talk show "Naughty But Nice." "I try to be a lady because I was brought up like that by my parents, but I think there are two sides to everything."

Although Sammi admits that she does get embarrassed by the bad behavior of her co-stars, she hopes the show never ends -- but when it does, she'll head back to school.

"What's cool is Vinny has his degree, but most of us went to college, even though no one knows that," Sammi explained. "Snooki did. I just have one semester left but I don't know if Nicole finished college. We all are very smart in our own way."

And though Sammi believes that she's stayed the same girl-next-door sweetheart post-fame, she can't say the same for her co-stars -- physically or otherwise.

"I am just myself and I like being me," Sammi told me. "I don't know if the show changed them. I think they look fabulous and they are doing great. But, for me, I am the same person. I am still doing the same things that I was doing prior to the show. I am just me."

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