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Sandusa Beach Towel Repels Sand And Water, Resolving An Annoying Summer Problem (VIDEO)

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? But if the idea of tracking sand inside of your car and home is even more unbearable than getting stuck in shore traffic and dealing with throngs of people in the heat, you just may be in luck. Australian and avid beach-goer Baz Brown has developed the Sandusa, a sand-resistant and waterproof towel that's designed to make sure that stuff stays where it's supposed to. It's cotton-terrycloth on one side like a typical towel, but the backside is nylon and it has a layer of waterproofing material in between.

Watch the video above to see it in action. We have to admit we were more distracted by the narrator's Aussie accent and the actors engaging in what Beta Beat describes as "a sandy-beach-towel mating ritual."

You can help Brown create "a beach towel revolution" by contributing funds to his site on IndieGoGo by August 24.

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