Sean Spicer Fabricates Imaginary Islamic Terrorist Attack

After the nation has healed from the invented Bowling Green Massacre of Kellyanne Conway’s imagination, we now have another staffer from President Trump’s cabinet claiming another made up terrorist attack to call for extreme vetting of immigrants and refugees.

You’d think the Counselor to the president would double-check her talking points to confirm they are factual, but now it seems the Press Secretary is on the same delusional track.

Sean Spicer has been repeatedly naming Atlanta, Georgia as the location of a past terrorist attack in order to justify the Muslim travel ban. In several interviews from January 29-30th, Spicer mentions it alongside two other cities, San Bernardino and Boston, that have actually had attacks.

These are not slip ups, but negligence. It’s funny how the Trump administration has been so adamant about fake news, yet here they are spreading it. Unless they are trying to subtly trick the general public into thinking there have been more terrorist attacks in the United States than there actually have been.

This is actually a well-known technique in Russian propaganda to add falsehoods directly next to facts and create fake dilemmas. Knowing how close President Trump is with President Putin, we shouldn’t be surprised when this administration starts taking advice from Russia.

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