The Magical Story Of Severus Snape, In One Heartrending 'Harry Potter' Supercut

Severus Snape: he was first introduced to the world as a seemingly typical villain in the "Harry Potter" series, a cantankerous man who appeared to delight in the bullying of the beloved Potter and in dabbling in the Dark Arts.

But, as the series went on, it became clear that author J.K. Rowling had other, greater plans for the lank-haired professor, gradually revealing to readers the man’s true and complex nature -- not Snape the bully, but Snape the tortured hero.

This week, we’ve been reminded of Snape’s incredible, heartrending story, thanks to a tearjerker of a video created by an avid Harry Potter fan, YouTuber kcawesome13.

The video is a supercut of Snape’s most important scenes from the eight different Harry Potter movies, all wonderfully organized in chronological order. It’s a powerful, 14-minute journey into the world of Harry Potter through the lens of Snape’s story -- a journey that will almost certainly leave you scrambling for those tissues.

The supercut, featuring British actor Alan Rickman as Snape, was first uploaded to YouTube last January, but has experienced a viral resurgence this week. It has been viewed more than 3.4 million times to date.

"Thank you to everyone who watched my video," wrote kcawesome13 on YouTube Tuesday in response to the renewed interest. "The feedback has been really uplifting and I'm so glad the Harry Potter community is still so vibrant!"

So many feels.

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