Signs You Might Be A Night Owl

This is for all those people who are just like me and have never been that early bird who gets the worm. Since I can remember, I have never been a morning person. I’m basically nocturnal. I really don’t like the morning and will always prefer nighttime anyways.

Here are eight things that all night owls will find to be true.

1. Doing your best work late at night. I’m a machine at night and can crank all my work out. Seriously papers and studying come so much easier when it’s past midnight.

2. Your early isn’t the same as others. “I had to get up so early today” “When did you get up?” “10 a.m.” “Oh that’s not early at all” BUT YES IT IS. I’m not fully awake until about noon sometimes even later.

3. You don’t even hesitate staying up all night no matter what your schedule looks like or what day of the week it is. It just comes naturally.

It’s actually hard to go to bed early for me. It’s like I physically can’t do it. I seen to always be awake at night even if I have barely got any sleep at all.

4. You sleep when (and where) you can. Considering you are up most of the night rather than sleeping and only get roughly four to five hours of sleep if that, you have to sleep sometime.

I always sneak naps in whether it’s on the couch, floor, or even in a lecture. I have to make up from the lost sleep cycle somehow.

5. The downside is you are also always tired. It like a vicious cycle you just cannot escape. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never get enough sleep.

6. I would rather have the late shift or afternoon classes. It is just too hard to start your day early. You never do that well of work nor can you focus.

Plus let’s just face it, you are just not in a good mood when you have to get out of bed so early. Everyone knows or figures out real quick that you are just not a morning person.

7. You’re also a dreamer and always down for an adventure. The best adventures are at night when the stars come out. You know that the two best things that come out at night are adventures and dreams.

8. You basically come alive at night. I do everything at night and I mean literally everything. Shower. Homework. Eat. Clean. Get my life together. Write this article. Workout.

You name it. I do it at night otherwise I guarantee I would get nothing done.

Did you know that the night owl has a higher IQ anyways? It has been proven in multiple studies, just look it up. So the early bird might get the worm, but looks what happens to the early worm.

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