6 Small Stylish Spaces That Show Us How To Live Large In A Tiny Home

6 Ways To Make Your Teeny-Tiny Space Feel Huge

All too often, small spaces are associated with unattractively cramped quarters and uncomfortable dorm-sized furniture. But hiding behind all those misconceptions are rooms that remind us that being short on square footage doesn't mean you have to skimp on style.

Behold, the work below from the talented designers that submitted their projects to our friends at Porch.com. Get inspired to re-imagine the meaning of small-space living, and check out 6 ways to instantly add square footage to any space...

Use a few full-sized furnishings to fill out the space, instead of cluttering it with small-scale options.
Mixed Use Spaces by Victoria Benatar Architect PLLC
Choose lighting that varies in style and direction -- it divides the space naturally and makes any room appear larger.
Eclectic Condo by The Inman Company
Go with a floating vanity and open-shelving (as opposed to larger, chunkier cabinetry) to save space in the bathroom.
Pacific Heights Apartment by Adeeni Design Group
Opt for a multi-purpose setup, such as an in-kitchen office, to do double duty in a singular space.
Three Bedroom by Victoria Benatar Architect PLLC
Pick light-colored paints to make any room appear brighter and more spacious.
Park Ave South Co-op by Andrew Mikhael Architect
Set up your kitchen with an eat-in counter, instead of cramming a table in your limited square footage.
Chelsea Kitchen by Linea LLP

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