Stem Cell Research, Just the Facts

While all sorts of celebrities have feverishly debated stem cell research, there's still very little public understanding what this research actually involves.

To help bring some illumination to the issue, a website was just launched called

There's no hyperbole, no movie stars, no blustering talk show hosts, no major league baseball players, no presidential widows, no hot Mexican soap opera stars. Just the plain simple truth, artfully and elegantly stated.

Even though the site has been developed with help from M.I.T. and Harvard, it doesn't feel like a science class, it's not A.P. Bio; it's just a simple, straightforward explanation of the facts.

The site will - I hope - be passed around and shared with as wide and audience as possible. Because when the new House and Senate come together in January, there's a good chance this issue will be debated again.

And when that happens, wouldn't it be nice if everyone understood what the fuss was all about?

Here's to a bit of enlightenment for the electorate.