Stephen Colbert Compares Bush Tax Cuts To Digesting Bud Light Lime (VIDEO)

In a recent edition of his daily segment "The Word," Stephen Colbert hilariously skewered, by turns, "trickle-down economics," the GOP stance on the deficit and the Bush-Era tax cuts, which may repealed by Congress (Hat tip to The Big Picture).

The so-called "tax bomb" that will be unleashed by expiration of the Bush tax cuts for America's wealthy has been the subject of concern by many on the right. Colbert's advice was to exclaim: "A tax bomb! Quick, rich people, to your tax shelters!"

Turning to the trickle down theory, Colbert compared the idea that tax breaks for the rich would stimulate the economy to, well, digesting a Bud Light Lime. We'll let him explain further:

"The bigger my tax cut is, the more money I can pour into the system," Colbert said, taking a swig of the Bud Light. "Then very soon the benefits will work the way through the system and trickle down -- I mean like a racehorse. Then the other 97 percent of poorer Americas are welcome to have as much of that as they can collect."

WATCH the segment:

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