32 Things Stephen Curry Can Do With A Basketball That You Can't

Editor's note: Stephen Curry was named the NBA's 2014-2015 most valuable player on Monday, so we decided to re-publish this post (and add a couple more moves) in his honor. Congrats, Steph!

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is one of the best players in the NBA. In fact, by some fancy statistical measures, he's the very best. But what makes Curry so special is that he can be so statistically dominant while truly amazing you.

1. Like he does here:

2. Curry is so good he doesn’t even need to watch his shots go in.

3. And he's really good at making people look like fools.

4. We aren't joking.

5. He can even make the best point guards in the league look silly.

6. Poor Steve Nash, for example.

7. Or poor Chris Paul.

8. Seriously, poor Chris Paul.

9. Big men aren’t safe from Curry's wrath either.

10. Nor are the best teams.

11. Really, he's never afraid, particularly when it comes to shooting.

12. Seriously, the guy could shoot at any moment from anywhere in the world.

13. Like, anywhere.

14. Even when the entire world is watching.

15. Honestly, it can be difficult to tell what he’s going to do next.

16. And if you stop paying attention for even a second, you might miss something great.

17. Or you might lose track of the ball.

18. Or you might fall over.

19. A lot of people fall over.

20. You thought we were exaggerating?

21. It just seems really hard to defend Stephen Curry.

22. Sometimes you just feel bad for the guys who have to try.

23. How does he contort his body like that? Nobody knows.

24. Did you even see what he did there?

25. Or there?

26. Most players are really good at dribbling or shooting. But Curry is good at both.

27. He can even make the best of a bad situation.

28. See what we mean?

29. Curry’s play is so contagious, even his center gets in on the fun.

30. Oh, you thought he could only shoot with his right hand?

31. Sometimes, when you’re Stephen Curry, you just have to give yourself a challenge.

32. Because, basically, Stephen Curry can do anything.