STOP Giving Me That "look"

I have a question to my dear Black Queens. What is up with that "look"? You know the look we give each other when we walk by. You know what I'm talking about? The look when we know the other person is wearing something that's so cute but we wouldn't dare tell her. That very funny look, the one when you see her with her fine man and you wonder hmmmm "now how did she get a man so fine." That look, the look of she must think she's better than me look.

Queen, I have always noticed this look and I have pondered if I was just thinking about it too much. Recently, I went to the state fair with my beau, in my after work attire. Granted, I do work as a college administrator so my outfit was fairly "office like." As we walked through the fair, each time I passed a black woman she gave me that damn look. Since I've always received these looks, I said to my boyfriend, I never understand why us black women always have to look at each other like that. To my surprise, he had noticed that women were looking at me in a weird way too. A part of me was happy that someone else noticed, but the other part of me was thinking this is truly sad. Queens, why are we not embracing each other? Why can't we be true sisters/sistahs? Now, I am not saying this is true for all black women, but in my experience, I receive more compliments and greetings from women of other races than black women. We need to and can certainly do so much better. I am not sure what is the cause of this but I know we aren't incapable of being friendly to each other. So there is my solution:

If you are a black woman and you're reading this, I want to challenge you the next time you walk by another black woman, try one of these tips:


-Give her a compliment

-Ask her how is she doing

Isn't it hard enough being a woman, especially a black woman? Why not engage in small habits that can uplift each other? The odds are already stacked against us, let's do better. We are known historically to be strong, resilient and compassionate, if you wanna give a look, give her a fierce look that screams "yasss, my sistah"!