Suspect Makes Sure He's Caught On Camera During Bizarre Break-In

Police say these surveillance images show Ellis Battista paying for his loot.

A New Mexico man made sure he was caught on camera while breaking into a convenience store, police say.

Ellis Battista is believed to have been intoxicated when he allegedly kicked open the front door of a locked Bradley's in Las Cruces at 3:30 a.m. Sunday after arriving to find the 24-hour store closed.

Las Cruces Police Department said surveillance video shows him taking a single pack of cigarettes, worth $6.

In one image posted online, the suspect flashes the cigarettes at the camera. In another, he holds up $5 and $1 bills.

"He ensured that cameras captured images of him leaving $6 for the merchandise," the department said in a post on Facebook.

The suspect then walked out of the store, but cops picked up Battista nearby.

He was arrested and charged with one fourth-degree felony count of breaking and entering, and booked into the Dona Ana County Detention Center. He's since posted $4,000 bond, Inside Edition reports .

The damage to the store's front door was estimated at $800. No charges have been filed against an unidentified friend, who waited outside the store.