Watch What Happens When Straight Men French Kiss Other Men

"It should be ok for men to experiment."

Four straight men French kissed four gay men on camera to experiment with their sexuality and challenge societal notions of masculinity.

The video, by lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy, also seeks to comment on the lack of space men have to be sexually fluid in society.

The pair told The Huffington Post that women seem to have more room to experiment with a spectrum of sexuality, whereas expectations of masculinity don’t give men quite the same leeway

“It’s OK and that it should be OK for men to experiment,” Bria told The Huffington Post. “Also, there are men out there ― and here are 4 of them ― who are secure enough in their sexuality to defy societal norms, who are models of how people should be able to act without being called ‘fags’ or being told ‘there is no way they’re straight,’ to name just a few of the comments we have received.”

Check out the video above to see the results, and head here for more from Bria and Chrissy.



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