What To Wear To Work Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style

Like a boss.

"What am I going to wear to work today?"

It's the question you ask yourself every single morning and the question that doesn't get any easier to answer. So you resort to the same old ensemble -- a trusty pant suit and a white button-down shirt. It's the safe choice -- but definitely not the most stylish.

Dressing for a corporate environment, or one with a rigid dress code, doesn't mean you can't have some fun. It's high time to inject some of your personal style into your office-ready looks. That doesn't mean you should break out a crop top or distressed jeans (even on casual Fridays). But a lovely printed blouse and the right accessory can turn an otherwise blah look into something quite brilliant.

We've rounded up those tips and more to help get you out of your workwear rut -- and make your daily outfit selection a bit more fabulous!

Layer, layer, layer! It adds dimension to the simplest looks.
Get creative with your belts -- like wearing one with a twist.
Play with prints -- they will brighten up your look and your day.
PSA: Printed bottoms are just as fabulous as printed tops.
Try color-blocking if a full blown print is too bold of your blood.
Opt for classic pieces in unconventional colors.
Throw on some statement jewelry -- it's a surefire way to spice things up.
Switch out your go-to blazer for a long, modern work coat.
Try a tie-front blouse and cardigan combo for relaxed elegance at its best.
Add a few full skirts into you workwear rotation.
Glam up sleeveless shift dresses by layering them with an eye-catching blouse and accessories.

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