The Playlist You Need To Get You Through Sub-Zero Temperatures

It's cold, we get it. For many of us, winter is an excuse to do nothing but hide under the covers with a book and some wine, so we wanted to provide you with some sounds to accompany the silence of falling snow. If you dug our fall playlist, warm your ears with us again as you dive into reassuring music necessary to make it to the much-anticipated spring awakening.

"Cold" - Nick Hakim

"Nancy From Now On" - Father John Misty

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"- Martin Luther McCoy

"King And Cross" - Ásgeir

"Leave It Alone" - Broken Bells

"Sadnecessary" - Milky Chance

"I Know It's A Good Thing" - Shamir

"Feeling Alright" (Daughter Remix) - Warpaint

"Juramidam" - Nick Mulvey

"Holiest" - Glass Animals, Tei Shi

"Stand Proud" - Jono McCleery, Fink

"Late Night" - Foals

"Down The Burning Ropes" - James Vincent McMorrow

"Whois"- Totemo

"Closer" - JMR

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