Subway To Pay 'Biggest Loser' Shay Sorrells $1,000 Per POUND Lost

Subway's previous weight loss poster child, Jared, may have fallen off the wagon, but now the sandwich chain is eying another possible success story. Subway, one of the show's sponsors, will pay 'Biggest Loser' contestant Shay Sorrells $1,000 for every pound she loses before the show's Season 9 finale in May.

At 476 pounds, Sorrells, 30, was the biggest 'Biggest Loser' ever when she arrived for Season 8. She lost 170 pounds on the show and hopes to lose 100 more, in part by sticking to Subway's Fresh Fit menu.

"It was mind-blowing enough to hear [trainer] Bob say that my story inspired millions," she told the LA Times. "As a social worker, that's my goal. And then I heard him say '$1,000 a pound.' And I thought, 'Did I hear that right?' "

Sorells will serve as a Subway spokesperson in 2010. You can track her progress here.

Season 9 of 'The Biggest Loser' begins Tuesday night on NBC with the "sickest" group of contestants the show's medical expert has ever seen, including Michael Ventrella, the new biggest contestant ever at 526 pounds.
WATCH Sorrells' interview on the finale of 'The Biggest Loser':

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