Supermodels Kate Moss And Cara Delevingne In Rare (Edible) Form

We promise you've never seen Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne like this before.

First Subway decided to venture into fashion, and now Jacob's, a British snack company, has immortalized celebrities and supermodels with its famous biscuits and crackers. Kate Moss has become a Mini Moss made of cheddar, Cara Delevingne gets transformed into Cracker Delevingne, and Twiggy is now deliciously composed of Jacob's "knobbly" Twiglets.


Famed pop culture artist Nathan Wyburn and food art curator Miss Cakehead teamed up with Jacob's to create the tasty portraits, for a special exhibition at White Space galleries in London. They also gave Prince William and Kate Middleton a royal makeover for the exhibit, as well as Cheryl Cole (Cheddar Cole), Harry "Minicheddar" Styles, and "Twiggy Stardust" (David Bowie).


Altogether, Wybrun used more Twiglets, Cream Crackers and Mini Cheddars than we could ever eat in a lifetime to compose the incredibly realistic creations. He admits to consuming some of the products during the "creative process," and who could blame him? We can't wait to see how the supermodels and celebs respond to their portraits, as we're sure social media darling Cara will be anxious to take a bite out of her cracker counterpart.


"Siren" (Kate Moss) by Marc Quinn

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