Support April 28 is Impeachment Action Day

Support April 28 is Impeachment Action Day
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A new grass roots organization,, is staging actions all around the country today.

From their website:

April 28, 2007: Impeachment Summer Begins This Spring!

George Bush and Dick Cheney have lied the nation into a war of aggression, are spying in open violation of the law, and have sanctioned the use of torture. These are high crimes and misdemeanors that demand accountability. Since Congress doesn't seem to get it, on April 28 Americans from Miami, Florida to North Pole, Alaska are going to spell it out for them: IMPEACH!

Use the new ImpeachMap below to find out what's going on in your area, post a new action, or find people to team up with. Complete instructions beneath the map.

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL-SIZED VERSION OF THE MAP. The map is now the most up-to-date place to find out what's happening on April 28.

They also have a blog where users can post and communicate with each other:

Welcome to ImpeachSpace! This is a new social network created to facilitate actions for April 28, the day that Impeachment Summer will begin nationwide.

It's not too late to participate, and while the initial public thrust of their action obviously is today, I'm sure their efforts will continue until some resolution of the GWBushCo/Cheney nightmare takes place.

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