If Headlines Treated Women Like People, Not Objects

If Headlines Treated Women Like People, Not Objects

Internet tabloids are not always kind to women. Headlines often treat female celebrities as zoo animals, not real people.

According to common Internet headline tropes, famous women "step out" in "dangerous" clothing, and "flaunt" their bodies. A woman eating a meal or looking less than red carpet-ready in public is, apparently, newsworthy. Stars without their makeup are "unrecognizable," "haggard" or "shocking."

Women's media criticism blog Vagenda Magazine asked their Twitter followers to normalize snarky headlines about female celebrities -- and the Internet delivered. Check out some of our favorite improved headlines below, and see more at the hashtag #thevagenda.

.@VagendaMagazine's "Normalising Headlines" campaign is my everything. pic.twitter.com/V5NtQCOibD

— Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) April 30, 2014

@VagendaMagazine Normalising Headlines: Woman leaves gym wearing comfortable clothing pic.twitter.com/I4XanfvJyw

— Emma Vitz (@ThisKindChoice) May 2, 2014

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