Tax Day 2011 Isn't April 15

Tax Day 2011 Isn't April 15

Reminder: Tax day isn't April 15th this year, and that has nothing to do with a government shutdown.

While many are used to the normal last minute rush to get their taxes squared away before the mid-April deadline, this year things are a bit different. A D.C. holiday has pushed the date back a bit, giving taxpayers a few extra days.

Taxes aren't actually due until April 18.

The IRS made the announcement back in October according to WalletPop, but you can check for yourself here, at the IRS website. The delay is caused by a little-known holiday.

Emancipation Day, which generally falls on April 16, is being observed in D.C. on April 15 this year, according to CNN Money. The holiday celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the district.

Under the U.S. tax code, deadlines can't fall on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, according to CNN Money.

However, other deadlines have not generally been extended as a well. The overseas extension remains July 15, according to WalletPop, but the normal extension (which generally extends to October 15) is now October 17, because the 15th falls on a Saturday.

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