The Art of DJing Mimics the Art of Life

The more I think about it, the more I realize they are one in the same. Our approach to life mimics the approach to djing. There's so much practice behind the scenes. There's an intro, a build up, drops, layers, rewinds and a breakdown. Each day we rise and the intro begins. The intro you choose to approach your day sets the tone for what you're going to accomplish, how you're going to tackle it, how much joy you will experience in the moments and how all of it will make you feel. The intro to your dj set determines the vibe for the journey you're about to bring the audience on. Where do you want to bring them? Where do you want to go? How do you want your story to play out? Let's build this out. Life, djing, everything in the mix.


I like to set things off with heart, soul and gratitude. I approach each day beginning in silence and slowly let the day come into focus. Reflecting on all that I am grateful for and letting the sounds of the world fade in gradually. I don't like too much noise, chaos and I certainly don't go straight to texts and emails. I like to set the tone, think about what I'm going to accomplish and honor the simplicity of the gift of the day ahead of me. I spend time looking at positive and motivational quotes on pintrest, feeding an abundance of big thinking into my soul. Choosing the intro for a dj set comes just as organically as the start of each day. What's the vibe around me, how do I want to make people feel, how will I bring them joy? The best part is you can choose the direction in advance as well as improvise in the moment. Feel the energy surrounding you and decide how you are going to design the journey: in life & in music.


The key element to this piece is timing. Be mindful of who is around you and the energy you are bringing into the space. In life, you don't want to overwhelm those around you because you are operating at mach speed -- excited about life, your goals and everything you're working on. Not everyone is prepared to handle so much energy. Be mindful, be present. As for djing, you want to create the energy around you for the people present in the space. Respect the timing of the night and while you certainly are the director for how the music will play out, don't overwhelm or push people away with the wrong vibe at the wrong time. Be mindful of the approach and tie in elements to raise the energy around you. You want to enhance the energy people around you, in life and in a club.

The Drop.

That moment in your day where synchronicity is in full swing and your energy is at its peak. Things have just built up to the perfect moment where you're reaching your goals and thriving. Neurons are firing and everything is just in this perfect flow. This is the lane we all thrive to be in, stay in this lane. Know how to get to this space and maintain it to accomplish your goals. On the dance floor this is where the fun really begins. You have them. You've built up the energy around you and people are just enjoying themselves and ready to let it all out. They feel it coming, you bring it in and the beat just drops - the dance floor comes alive and this is truly what it's all about. The joy, the experience, the ability to bring people fully into the present moment.

Add Layers.

The different aspects of our lives just layer over one another throughout our days. As a Mom, I really learned this on another level. The amount of multitasking and energy that is being put into different elements throughout my day is quite extraordinary. And that goes for every parent on this planet -- you just know what I'm talking about. There's a beauty to orchestrating so many things at once, adding layer over layer. The technique of layering music as a dj is a true art form. We hear it before we layer it, we are in the present moment which is the audio coming out of the speakers yet in our headphones we are mixing and layering in a new song. The elements of each piece of music need to complement and enhance one another. The art of layering takes timing, precision, and the ability to feel your vision before it comes to be; in life & in djing.


Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind rhymes the ever so amazing A Tribe Called Quest on the epic Scenario. Why? Powerful impact, BOOM! But really, that's what the rewind is all about. That moment was so fresh, intense, raw and pure let's just spin that vinyl back (because that's one of the best sounds ever) and take another go at reliving it! Now the reality is, we don't get any second chances in life but we sure can recreate moments to the best of our ability. Spend time over and over with those who matter most to us. Embrace the best elements of our life by paying attention to what matters most. And if we learned anything at all from Dirty Dancing, it was that you can practice and practice and practice and eventually you will land that epic moment again and again where Jennifer Grey flies into Patrick Swayze's arms high above his head as they did in the lake, and on the stage. Rewind that veracious energy and give it one more go!

The Breakdown.

When the elements contained within the music slowly breakdown to the simplest chords we have the beauty of the extended breath of fresh air. A chance to renew and embrace the simplicity of the piece. It's beautiful. It's everything. Find that space throughout your day, several times a day and truly enjoy it. As a dj, this is where you give the room a chance to breathe and enjoy the melodies at their most minimal form. There is a song in one of my favorite soundtracks to the movie Garden State called "Let Go" by Frou Frou that depicts my sentiments of this element perfectly: because there's beauty in the breakdown.

Life is an art, djing is an art and we need to approach it with passion, purpose and soul. You are the director, the orchestrator, the dj. Step out with intent and commit to your life in the best way possible.

As for me; I've got a lot of energy and focus. I live in a Cajmere & Green Velvet mindset most of my days: I like the beats that go boom & I always believe it's time for the percolator.