The Buzz on Male Breast Reduction

You’re a guy and you’ve got a man boob problem. No worries, you’re not alone. This is a common condition among men and it can be treated with exercise and surgery. Summer is just around the corner and you’re now on a mission to reduce the size of your man boobs. You’ve consulted with your primary care doctor and he/she gave you the green light to schedule a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs gynecomastia surgery. You’re now excited about moving forward with scheduling a consultation with a surgeon. 

So what are the steps in finding a plastic surgeon that’s amazing in male breast reduction surgery? 

There’s a lot of pressure in searching for a doctor that will transform your look and make your gynecomastia go away. Prospective patients are overloaded with too much information about gynecomastia surgeons which makes it hard to choose just one. It’s wise to schedule a few consults and see their before & after gallery of patients that went under the knife for gynecomastia surgery. Questions such as:

•Should I stay with a local plastic surgeon or travel to Beverly Hills or San Francisco to get it done with a top doctor? 

•Does price reflect quality surgery with long lasting results? 

•Should I even be doing this right now? 

Asking questions is good. Within these questions is the trace of wanting to make a change and improve one’s circumstances. Gynecomastia may not pose any health problems, but it can bring you down and lower your drive because of the way you physically look. “Life is short” and one should be comfortable with the way that they look. 

Unless a plastic surgeon has not been featured on popular media channels, most prospective patients are not familiar with the surgeon. Some surgeons write amazing articles about their expertise in gynecomastia surgery and others make speeches to an audience at a medical conference that only rack up a few views on their website or on social media sites. Researching plastic surgeons on a website that offers a wealth of information, doctor profiles, and has a press release section can serve the prospective patient in finding the right gynecomastia surgeon for them. 

Finding a doctor that cares about his patients.

A great choice in picking a surgeon (no matter how famous he/she may be) is how deeply he/she cares about his patients. Every person is unique and has physical characteristics that make them who they are. Choosing a surgeon that’s honest and transparent is a great sign of care. Though the surgeon can tell you what you want to hear to schedule the surgery, honesty and integrity produce realistic results. It’s imperative that the plastic surgeon knows where you stand in regards to achieving your overall look, rather than tell you what you want to hear. 

The male breast reduction procedure, as offered by many board certified plastic surgeons, begins with an initial consult to evaluate the body and to ensure that the patient is suitable for surgery. Gynecomastia surgery vary/differ with the patient and may require surgical techniques and methods (tailored to the individual) to achieve natural looking results. In choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s sensible to validate if the surgeon addresses all your concerns. 

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