The Destiny of Nations: The One Sum Game

What does it mean to have a destiny? And are we destined to know the truth of our own reason for existence, as individuals, as nations – as a race? These are the questions of the age - the Human Age - if we desire to go higher, and not merely expire.

With yet another UN General Assembly (UNGA 72) upon us, one that sets our collective consciousness on ‘Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet,’ perhaps it would be useful to look at the state of mankind under its current set of rules, games, conditions.

We seek nations united. In a world that remains divided. With each serving their role in part, yet falling well short of the whole that may only be realized when the many act as – and become – one. I speak of unity, of a united face, one that understands, embraces the vital role that each country, each individual plays in assuring the whole remains viable, sustainable. And by ‘whole,’ we are talking humanity in its entirety.

A United Nations. Divided by degrees of willingness, cooperativeness, innovativeness.

The proof is on display. The case studies are many. Conflict. Climate change. Clean food, water, health issues. Human beings and our less than admirable doings. Any media view will provide ample example of a number of games in play that contribute to this dichotomy of direction, this disharmony of humanity. Games that had their genesis in childhood but have become tragically familiar on the adult stage. The boys grew up. The games remain the same. And these ‘games’ tell a story of the fate of humanity living the definition of insanity: the same games, over and over, with the expectation of a different outcome.

From Capture the Flag, where one team defends its interests against an aggressor that has but one mission: take what the other has and leave them empty handed.

Or Musical Chairs, where there exists one less chair than the number of players, thus guaranteeing there will always be someone left outside the group.

And maybe we can recall the famed Simon Says, where one plays the leader and all the rest are systematically eliminated until no one is left standing.

All examples of some form of zero-sum game, where in order for someone to win there must be someone who does not. Old ways. Old means. An old path to a predictable and not so pleasurable end for nations, for the collective.

Is this our destiny, as nations, as society in its entirety? Can we not imagine another way, through the course of greater cooperation, innovation, elevation? Imagine it, and then make it so?

I propose a new game. One forged by the highest set of rules, documented by rulebooks of various structures, religions, beliefs that govern people under the highest authority – our divinity. For the moment, let’s call it the One Sum Game, a game where no human being of His doing may corner the market on the commodity known as humanity. This ensures the highest laws at work – nature and beyond. One where all must play. No exceptions. If you’re here, you’re in.

In the One Sum Game, each player contributes his or her value to the cause at hand. Let’s call this cause the ‘Survival of the Species.’ Where one player lacks in vision, expertise, resource, the others fill the void accordingly, in accord with the before mentioned highest laws (reminder: all must play and no one is allowed to lose). In this game, nations contribute what they can, what they know, have, taking turns in the leadership role in accordance with their knowledge and abilities – with proper checks and balances in place in case one dare forget the true purpose of the game at hand. The table is round. Everyone participates. No one is left behind. There still remains free choice, but only one will. For in the One Sum Game, one only wins when all win. There are no losers. The game is over only when all players have made it safely ‘home.’ For all are welcome home, and it is the only outcome allowed under The Law.

I propose, as well, the following as an undeniable, unavoidable, entirely attainable truth: simply, the destiny of each nation, all nations in their diversity, is to complete the picture of one world in its entirety. And to do so with integrity. This is the vision of a ‘united nations,’ with an organization of the same name that remains as the single greatest construct of hope for world peace through the despair of world war. It is symbolic of a planet of great diversity governed by the element of commonality – our humanity – yet has experienced marginal success when faced with the task of representing such ideas and ideals among a membership whose primary agenda is largely self-preservation through self-representation. Add to this the verity of each nation beholding to its own destiny, its own karmic reality, as with each human incarnated, and you have a varied audience with varying agenda seeking solidarity. And of equal significance, the challenge in moving thought to action on a planetary level. No easy task. No easy task indeed.

So then, how would one profess to change the paradigm of present, and provide for a series of nations united under common theme and, more importantly, uncommon action? Complicated path with a common beginning. It begins, as always, with a raised consciousness, an awareness that sees the sum of all parts as greater than each individual piece, with each nation and its respective destiny conducted in such harmony as to change mere note (and noise) to symphony. It begins with a model of partnership over partisanship; collaboration over competition; teamwork over individual exploit. It begins with awareness, understanding, and moves through responsibility to requisite activity.

It begins with each of us. And ends with all of us. There is simply no other game in town. And win or lose, we are in it together.

One humanity... at one with our divinity.

The only state worthy of our activity.

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