The Hillary Clinton Slush Fund: Dirty Tactics, Dirty Money

I predict that we will ultimately learn, in future
disclosures, that the Hillary Clinton campaign
today is functionally bankrupt. I predict we will
also learn that she has loaned her campaign
more money than has yet been disclosed.

With the latest revelations of Clinton friends
and close supporters creating an independent
campaign fund, which will ultimately be found
to have violated campaign finance laws, we
now see the union of dirty tactics, dirty money
and desperation.

Let's call it what it is: a Clinton slush fund run
by close for the purpose of attempting to
saturate the airwaves with negative attacks
that a near bankrupt campaign can no longer
afford to fund themselves.

Lets be direct: the more Hillary Clinton keeps
escalating her desperate demolition attacks,
folks like myself will have no choice but
to respond bluntly and directly because of
the damage she is doing to the Democratic
Party, not to mention her own future.

Hillary Clinton as CEO has been a disaster
who has mismanaged more than $100 million,
mismanaged whatever one calls her message,
mismanaged political strategy, mismanaged
political tactics, and when voters reject her
tactics and message, she is reduced to trying
overturn the verdict of voters, and because
her campaign money has been mismanaged,
her friends have to create an independent slush
fund using dirty money to finance dirty attacks.

It is wrong enough for a candidate who has
so failed to excite the voters to be reduced
to nothing more than a negative attack machine
against the candidate who lifts voters through
true leadership. Now the dirty tactics must be
financed through dirty money in what I call a
slush fund and what I predict the law will call
a violation of campaign finance laws.

Hillary Clinton has learned nothing from the
failures of her campaign. This effort is doomed.
This campaign will soon be over. This slush
fund of independent money to dump negative
sludge on the airwaves will be seen by political
historians as one of the last gasps of a sad
campaign that began as a coronation and will
end as a fiasco.