Last week I posted my first in a series of reports about the cumulative help by the Hollywood millionaires for Air America Radio (AAR) called Hollywood and the Shaw Shank Redemption. I want to first respond to some of your commentaries.

Some of you are unhappy about the programming. While I was very much involved in hiring Al Franken and some of the other hosts, the programming is done by a wonderful team of professionals at AAR. I forwarded your comments to them. Also, I did not want to leave the impression that AAR is in financial difficulty. It is not. But it can always use financial help. In fact, the success of AAR is remarkable in that it is in 87 cities after only 18 months of being on the air. What I did want to point out is how little help we have gotten from the Hollywood elites who claim to be liberals.

Yesterday, I met with Al Franken after his live broadcast from Chicago. We talked with the Chicago station manager for the AAR affiliate in Chicago. The Republican right wing machine is actively calling AAR’s advertisers and threatening to boycott their products if they advertise on AAR. I have had this discussion with many of the AAR affiliate station managers. Despite this organized attempt to hurt AAR, the affiliates are doing well, but they need your help. Those of you who listen to AAR can help by supporting those who advertise on AAR and buy their products if you need them. Also, let them know that you are pleased that they are advertising on AAR.

AAR is not just a liberal radio network. It is also a media movement that constantly needs your support. So listen and spread the word by chain emails to your friends. AAR needs your support now as listeners and consumers. If you would like more information about supporting AAR, please email me at