The Lesbian Chronicles: 'And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World.'

Today was a wonderful day. I took my puppy Lucille to Hanlon's Point, just a brief ferry's ride from Toronto, whose claim to fame is their clothing optional beach. (Note:I did not exercise that option!) .We met a lovely couple who shared their umbrellas along with delicious ham and cheese sandwiches. We swam in the warm water, we played ball, and everyone was impressed with Lucille's fearlessness.

In the late afternoon, as we were walking down the long road back to the ferry, I lost one of my insoles from my sandals that I had been holding rather recklessly. As I began to trace my steps I encountered a comely gray haired man. (Picture a naked Sean Connery). I asked him if he had seen a lone sole on the beach and he replied in the affirmative. Lucille and I traipsed after him and shortly thereafter my sole was found. I thanked him profusely and he said "When you tell this story, make sure you tell everyone I'm a saver of soles." And he is, and I have.

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