The 'Liberation Wrapper' Frees Women From Cultural Restraints, 'Allows' Them To Eat Burgers

Many of us wouldn't think twice about opening our mouths wide to enjoy a meal like a cheeseburger or sandwich. But for some women in Japan, this apparently poses a "problem."

A trend known as “ochobo” -- having a "small and modest mouth" -- has caught on to the point where it's considered rude for women to open their mouths wide in public. So when Japanese restaurant chain Freshness Burger noticed a gender discrepancy in the sales of their large Classic Burger, they chalked it up to their female customers' adherence to cultural norms.

Enter the "liberation wrapper," designed by advertising company Ad Dentsu. Featuring a photograph of a closed-mouthed woman on the front, the wrapper covers a woman's face, thus "freeing" her to eat her burger without fear of anyone seeing her open mouth.

Absurd as it may sound, Freshness Burger reported that sales of their large Classic Burger to women have increased by 213 percent since introducing the new wrapper.

It just goes to show how the policing of women's bodies is getting out of hand. What's next, a trend where it's rude for women to speak in public?



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