The Meaning of Life: Illuminating Biology's Irony

The Meaning of Life, Illuminating Biology's Irony
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I'm lost, but I imagine we all are.

It's a funny thing, being a human being.

Just smart enough to grasp the concept of the word "meaning." But too thick to actually get any of it. Like waiting for an amazing buffet whose line is so long you die before you ever lay eyes on the seafood station.

You see it in your mind though. Shoveling prawns on your tidy white ceramic plate next to Einstein, Lincoln and Gandhi.

They see you and smile a knowing smile. The type of smile that peers gift to each other.

I see you. I understand you. You see me. You understand me. We are brothers.

On the other hand, dogs don't seem to need meaning and they are pretty happy, if their wagging tails are to be believed.

Alligators don't need meaning. And they kick tons of ass, ruling the swamp lands and such. With their beady eyes, bobbing above the water’s surface.

Yet, I want meaning. A moral certitude that people don't suffer in vain. That the Titanic ultimately makes boats safer. That Hiroshima makes the very idea of nuclear war unthinkable.

But that's not what I see. I see us hairless apes given increasingly powerful technology. Flame throwers, machine guns, unlimited surveillance via smiling emoiji’d pastel-colored social media apps.

Apes with the power to destroy their world. Waiting helplessly, counting the moments till one Silver Back is crazy enough to press the button.

Haven't I reached that damn seafood station yet? I'm running short on time.

And, there it is. Yes, perhaps that is the meaning we've been searching for.

Human beings, humanity, is a morality tale for some unknown cosmic audience. Maybe that's ok, a noble endeavor. Life is fleeting; art is eternal. We are acting out Macbeth for the cosmos. Ambition vaulting over itself.

What are we teaching this cosmic audience exactly? As we destroy our neighbors and our world?

Perhaps, the limits of biology. The most "successful" creature is the most voracious, the most vicious, the most cunning, the most selfish. The creature that wins the Battle Royale of Evolution probably doesn’t play well with others, including members of its own species.

From the gluttonous dinosaurs to the opposable-thumb-having apes that love apps, the behavior that enables you to destroy your competitors ultimately compels you to destroy yourself.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

Life is biology.

Biology is evolution.

Evolution is irony.

Thus, life is irony.

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