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The New Power Girls Style: Creating the Ultimate Office Space

Welcome to the office circa 2009, where work is done everywhere.
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It has been said that nearly 20 million people work from home, or in other words operate a company (or are employed by one) from some type of home workspace or office. On the West coast, the number doing it has been big enough to generate a "co-working" trend. It's when a group of remote workers and entrepreneurs come together at a chic locale to work together. Women entrepreneurs in the city host tiny get togethers with groups of three and four that mix work and play. More than once I've been invited to co-work at chic places like Casa Del Mar or Roosevelt by fellow Internet/tech entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the office circa 2009, where work is done everywhere.

It's via handheld devices on trains and airports, on laptops at home offices. There are office co-ops and shared spaces, work from home lofts and other arrangements. Companies like Blankspaces offer space for businesses to rent and share expenses, including reception service. Restaurants around Los Angeles have free wireless for working guests. Even traditional offices are anything but. Bright bold colors, giant flat panels and funky reception areas are everywhere. MTV's offices in Santa Monica have a RV trailer in the lobby. Steamboat Ventures has been said to serve espresso drinks with Mickey Mouse spoons.

The new generation of business in America is bucking the traditional corporate vibe, down to the office supplies.

It's a trend that's been seen from the smallest home offices and workspaces to large corporate locales. Work has never been more stylish. Here's how to do the same whether you're in the corner office of a major company or running the show from home:

Create the space - Identifying your workspace is easy when you're on the fifth floor of corporate America but for entrepreneurs and executives working from home, work areas can be at kitchen tables, corner couches - even while in bed. Determine first where you'll be getting the job done, and find your needs from there. For me, I've got a great desk in my home office, but tend to work in other areas of the house. A file holder that can move around with me is ultimate for this reason.

Make it your own - Whether you work on the road, at home or in an office, one of the biggest elements of your day is the world you're in. Make yours as personal and comfortable as you can. Whether you're someone who thrives within "organized chaos" (aka, a messy desk) or meticulously neat and organized, add in chic desktop accessories and gear. I did this very thing with Sayeh Pezeshki, CEO of and The Office Stylist. $50 later, I have a mix of fun but functional office supplies and accessories that have created a cool work environment.

Make it productive - While not everybody needs organization to be productive, everybody needs a productive work space to get the job done. To hold files and documents I regularly attend to, like invoices and client projects, I bought a high quality, stylish magazine holder that caddies file folders, receipts and other important documents. I also purchased a catchall that I keep in a drawer in the living room for mail, notices, business cards and other things that land at the bottom of my purse. By having places to put everything, I'm able to find everything - and work productivity increases as a result.