The Mistake Even Strong Confident Women Make To Be Loved And Accepted (Live Streaming Show with Your Sensible Girlfriend)

The One Thing You're Doing That Stops The Flow Of Money, Love, Support, Health, and Happiness (Live Streaming Show with Your Sensible Girlfriend)
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<p><strong>Sensible Ladypreneur Talk with Angeline Longshore</strong></p>

Sensible Ladypreneur Talk with Angeline Longshore

In this episode Angeline talks about a phenomenon that often happens for women which affects our health, wellbeing, finances, friendships, love relationships, career/jobs, feeling unsupported and generally causes us to be unhappy... but you don’t know why or what is causing any of it. It involves self-trust, crossing your own boundaries, and generally abandoning your inner child in order to people-please in hopes to be loved and accepted. Even strong, confident, independent women experience this.

This starts with the story of a neighbor friend of mine who has been sad and depressed for years with nothing working in her life. And she just made the mental-emotional shift necessary to turn her life around.

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