The One Way You Should Really Be Organizing Your Pantry

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Congrats! Your massive walk-in pantry is stocked to the gills and you're officially ready to take on the next Snowmaggedon/power outage/transit strike. But if you can't find what you're looking for, all your prep is for naught. Here's a better way to organize, so you're always two seconds away from locating those canned garbanzo beans.


Step 1: Invest in wicker or metal baskets that tuck nicely into your pantry.

Step 2: Separate all your pantry items into eight categories, or "zones": baking supplies, breakfast supplies, kids' food, beverages, paper goods, spices, instant meals (hey, ramen) and general canned goods and kitchen staples (like chicken stock and tomato paste).

Step 3: Put the baskets in your pantry, designating a different area for each of your zones. You can even label them, if so obsessive inclined. Place your pantry items in their corresponding basket, and go about your life.

Step 4:
Rejoice! The garbanzo beans are right there in "kitchen staples" the next time you need them.


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