The Politically Incorrect Blog Post On Conservative Idiocy

waronscience.jpg Self-styled science critic Tom Bethell's "The Politically Incorrect Guide To Science" reveals a lot more than the retrograde state of the conservative mind. Notice the book's tagline: "Liberals have hijacked science for long enough. Now it's our turn." So it's time for conservatives to hijack science, then? (This slogan was quietly changed on the book's paperback edition, but is preserved forever on

Bethell's neanderthal-brained attacks on evolution, the notion that global warming is a reality, and the so-called "priesthood of science" were promoted at a recent Heritage Foundation event showcasing his book. Chris Mooney, meanwhile, has ripped Bethell's arguments to shreds (kind of sad that they merited a response, isn't it?). His review is definitely worth a read.