The Truth Wins One Round: White House Withdraws Fox Nomination

I learned all too well in 2004 that the truth isn't worth much in politics this day. It's handy to have on your side but you better bring a gun to a gun fight.

A few minutes ago, however, The White House withdrew Sam Fox's nomination to be the Ambassador to Belgium. Fox, as many already know, gave $50,000 to the Swift Boat Liars and then wouldn't even admit in his committee appearance that funding outright lies and slander was a mistake.

Good Riddance, Sam

On one hand, we have the truth.

I personally believe that the truth is best showcased by the letter that eleven of John Kerry's crewmates wrote on his behalf [pdf] asking them to stop Sam Fox and his lies. This are the people who were actually in Vietnam with John and all are speaking the truth.

On the other hand, we have the supreme swift boat liar scumbag John O'Neill who NEVER SERVED ONE DAY IN VIETNAM with John Kerry. In fact, no one would have ever heard of John O'Neill if Charles Colson, Nixon's White House aide hadn't tapped O'Neill as a counter-foil to Kerry in the early 1970's. For three decades, John O'Neill's been cashing checks (like the $50,000 one he received from the Swift Liars in August 2004) and making hay out of smearing John Kerry.

Sure, O'Neill has his defenders -- so do many liars. They're scum too.

It's a small victory in the battle to fight back against Republican smears. But a victory nonetheless.