'The View' Slams Ben Carson: 'Who's His Science Advisor, Nicolas Cage?'

“If you're gonna be president, man, you at least gotta do the history.”

The ladies of ABC's "The View" tore into GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday for his rather unique view of Egyptian history. 

"Who is his science advisor, Nicolas Cage?" co-host Michelle Collins joked.

A video released by BuzzFeed on Wednesday shows Carson claiming during a 1998 commencement speech at Andrews University that the Egyptian pyramids were used for storing grain rather than as tombs for ancient kings and queens. 

Instead of walking back his claims, Carson doubled down on his unorthodox views during an interview with CBS News on Wednesday.

"It's still my belief, yes," Carson said during the interview.

"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted that Carson should have a better understanding of history given that he is running for president.

“If you're going to be president, man, you at least gotta do the history. You gotta get the history right,” she said. 

Watch the clip from "The View" above.