This Childhood Game Holds the Secret to a Happy Life

Remember that game you played in elementary school?

Well, it was usually introduced as more of an "exercise" than a game... and you were probably in gym class or some kind of "team building" assembly when you took part in said exercise (game).

The trust fall.

You know... the one where you're told to turn around, close your eyes, cross your arms over your chest... and fall.

For once in your life, you hope to get paired with the quiet girl/boy in the class. The student who always pays attention and wants to do well.

This is the one time when the teacher's pet is the most sought after student in the class.

Me: "Hold on. You want me to just trust that Timmy-weirdo over here is going to catch me?! Like, you can guarantee that to me?"

Teacher: "Well, that's just it. I can't guarantee anything, you just have to make a choice and see what happens. It's your choice to trust Timmy to catch you, or not. Either way, you've gotta fall... it's part of the exercise (game)."

Lets think about this.

You're being told that it doesn't matter whether you trust the person or not... that's totally up to you. What's not up to you is the fact that you're going to fall. You've gotta do it.

(Unless you wanna be that kid and get your mommy to write you a note to get you out of it... but lets assume that was never you.)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not the exact game we play with the universe, every damn day?!

Me: "Hold on. You want me to just trust that you're going to catch me when I take this leap and everything is going to work out?! Can you guarantee that to me?!"

Universe: "Well, that's just it. I can't guarantee anything, you just have to make a choice and see what happens. It's your choice to trust the universe to catch you or not. Either way, you've gotta keep moving and making choices and that means that sometimes, you're going to fall. It's just a part of life (the game). You've gotta do it."

So many of my clients (and people in general) begin to worry about "losing their flow" when they begin to see the benefits of self-care and the manifesting starts to happen, rapidly.

Suddenly there is the thought of -- Oh My God -- this isn't going to last. I'm not going to be able to fly high forever. I'm going to fall.

Or when you find yourself free falling through a course of events you could have never planned for and you're grasping at straws as you fall towards what you can only imagine to be the darkest of outcomes.

There will be times when you are going to fall off of your center and not get the "ideal" results you were going for. That just kinda comes with the whole earthly experience thing us humans have going on.

Falling (and falling off center) is part of the journey! Everyone has to do it and do it more than once. A lot more than once. (For more about that, check out my past blog "3 reasons to value being 'off-center'")

The journey is way more fun when you choose to trust it. Life is supposed to be fun.

Wouldn't you rather laugh more throughout your day, instead of carrying around bags of worry and doubt, feeling like you've gotta sift through all of it and make it all make sense?

Enjoy the ride.

Imagine Timmy-weirdo from fifth grade gym class being replaced by Angel's wings

As you fall, you are supported by a source more powerful than you'll ever truly know... and it's your choice to trust that it will be there to catch you, or not.

Also, you aren't falling "backwards" or "down" a level. This is simply the next journey that you're supposed to take. People get tripped up on whether or not they are "moving forward."

If you're moving/falling and trusting, then you are more than likely happy.

If you're moving/falling and doubting every step of the way, chances are you're being controlled by fear, anxiety and a sense of lack.

What if, instead of falling, you were being guided to the next space you're meant to explore?

All you have to do is let go and trust.


Close your eyes.

Cross your arms.

Take a deep breath and TRUST.

-- Jenn

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Jenn is a Life + Career Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs. When she isn't travelling the globe for cool speaking events and/or looking for a chance to get into some adventurous trouble, Jenn's home-base is NYC where she works 1:1 with clients from all over the world helping them build the Life + Career of their Dreams. If you're down with not taking yourself (or life) so damn seriously all the time, follow or connect with Jenn on any of the usual social media suspects:

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