This Company Is Teaching the World About Blockchain Technology (And Are Building A Killer Blockchain Based Game)

If you are one of the new people to the space or read an industry headline recently, you may have noticed the word blockchain show up a lot more frequently than you may have seen before. Leaving you to think what is blockchain?

You may have also never heard the word before now. It’s safe to say that the word blockchain today is very similar to the word internet back in the early 90’s. It’s pretty foreign to a lot of people and only a small handful of the world are paying attention to it.

This handful of people aren’t just your average everyday people though, these are some of the world’s elite. To give you a better idea, I thought I would highlight three high profile supporters of the blockchain that you may have heard of before or should take note of now.

Tim Draper - an American venture capital investor with a proposed net worth over $1 Billion

Marc Andreessen - an American venture capitalist and former co-founder of Netscape with net worth over $1 Billion

Abigail Johnson - CEO of Fidelity Investments ($15.9 Billion in revenue 2016)

Adoption of Blockchain Technology

The potential that the blockchain yields is quite large. It’s a decentralized open ledger system that puts the power of processes and platforms in the hands of individual people versus big corporations. Blockchain technology is highly encrypted as well making it extremely hard to hack which is something that is extremely important today with all the information we are giving big companies (i.e Facebook and Google).

Now that you are familiar a bit with what blockchain is, I want to introduce you to a company called Experimental. It’s an Ethereum blockchain based company that is bringing together developers, marketers, gamers, engineers, and businessmen that share the same passion; the blockchain.

Their concept is to create an “experimental platform” to unleash the full potential of blockchain technology, showing the world its true value. The team at Experimental has been in the space since 2011 when their CTO Luciano Bertenasco mined his first bitcoins. He then later joined Matias Nisenson in forming which was later acquired. With Experimental, they will use the community to decide on and fund different Experiments they want to test out.

To expand on this, an important use of blockchain is the decentralization aspect. Putting the power back into people rather than big centralized companies or government institutions.

Experimental will allow the community to cast a vote to decide on what experiments they should start and develop making it a more unified process vs an upper management decision within a company.

Blockchain Meets Gaming

The first experiment is an online game called CryptoWars which happens to be a real-time strategy game based off of the Ethereum blockchain. Every move of every player in the game is going to be reflected in the blockchain open ledger system.

The strategy of the game playing kicks in by you having the ability to invade and steal tokens from other players within the game, allowing each player the ability to turn their game playing into real money. Pretty cool right?

This is just one very unique and powerful opportunity that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will start to open up in industries like online gaming. The ability to get rewarded for your solid craftsmanship and gameplay, resulting in you increasing your token count which can then be turned into real money.

If you are still sitting on the sidelines sleeping and not paying attention to the capabilities of the blockchain or you had no idea what it even was, hopefully this explanation and example sheds some more light on the topic.

If you are looking for a way to get familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, starting to play CryptoWars will show you that playing video games will soon turn players into income earners.

Think of it this way if you enjoy playing video games, why not start earning tokens within that game which you can then turn into real money at anytime you want? I think the gaming industry will follow Experimental with implementing in-game specific cryptocurrencies which players can then swap for real money or use within the game on purchases. It makes complete sense to be honest.

The future of gaming isn’t about to happen, it is happening. If you are interested in learning more about the experiments that Experimental is planning take a peek at their site here.

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