Ticketmaster Refund: Processing Fees Will Be Refunded To 12 Years Of Customers

Ticketmaster is giving back, but not because it's the holiday season.

As the result of a class-action lawsuit, the ticket-pushing behemoth is going to be handing out $1.50 per ticket (up to 17) to everyone who used the site between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011. Those who chose the UPS shipping option will be getting a little bit more back: an additional $5.00 credit per order.

It seems Ticketmaster's processing fees were deemed deceptive because they did not clearly state that Ticketmaster was profiting from them.

According to Business Insider, Ticketmaster will continue to have these fees, but must clearly label them as profit on their site.

An email containing details of suit and who is eligible for the refund was sent to anyone who used their services within that time frame.

The settlement email reads:

This proposed settlement (“Settlement”) is on behalf of a nationwide class of consumers (the “Class”) who (1) purchased tickets on Ticketmaster’s website, (“the Website”) between October 21, 1999 and October 19, 2011 (the “Class Period”), (2) paid money to Defendant Ticketmaster for an Order Processing Fee (“OPF”) that was not refunded, (3) did not and do not opt-out of the Class, and (4) were residents of one of the fifty United States at the time of their purchase. Excluded from the Class are (a) Ticketmaster, (b) any entities in which Ticketmaster has a controlling interest or which have a controlling interest in Ticketmaster, (c) the officers, directors, employees, affiliates, and attorneys of Ticketmaster, or (d) any employee or officer of the Court or their immediate family members.

Needless to say, many who could be paid out in the settlement knew little -- or nothing at all -- about it. The email goes on to detail how much each person will receive.

According to Business Insider, the attorneys behind the case plan to ask for "an award of up to $16,500,000 in attorneys' fees and expenses." The two initial plantifs behind the case are also looking to collect approximately $20,000.

The email detailing the settlement states that credits will not be issued before April 15, 2012. Final approval of the settlement is currently scheduled for May 29, 2012. Credits should come within 30 days of that.

Full disclosure: The author of this article will be receiving a piece of the Ticketmaster settlement.

CLARIFICATION: The "credits" that will be received as a result of the settlement are coupons towards the purchase of future tickets, not cash as some believed.