Tiger Woods SEX TAPE SHOPPED: Porn CEO Has Seen Footage (VIDEO)

A Tiger Woods sex tape? TMZ is reporting that someone has approached adult film company Vivid Entertainment with what she claims is a video of Tiger Woods having sex.

Vivid co-CEO Steven Hirsch says "we saw maybe 30 seconds of it" and that "we're still working to identify if it's really him... We'll know soon, that's for sure." While Hirsch says he would "like to work with Tiger to put it out," he is not optimistic the golfer would agree to it.

Tiger's lawyers circulated a letter in England barring British publications from printing naked photos or footage of Woods. The letter is sure to emphasize that the court order is not "an admission that any such photographs exist." It has previously been alleged that naked photos and a phone sex tape exist.

It has also been reported -- and claimed by three family members -- that alleged mistress Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS) once took nude pictures of Woods while he was "passed out drunk."

Scroll down for video of Hirsch discussing the sex tape.


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