Tim Tebow Tattoo May Have Taken It Too Far; Half Centaur, Half Tim Tebow, Full-On Epic

What with all the media hoopla surrounding Tim Tebow, it's difficult sometimes not to get carried away. We freely admit the man has received a lot of attention here on HuffPost, and while we'd like to tone it down, then things like this happen that get us all revved up again.

An anonymous man approached Denver's Love N Hate Elite Tattoo Studio earlier this week, armed with his own design. According to Larry Brown Sports, 'Gabe' at the tattoo shop obliged the man's requests, and an hour and a half later walked out the door sporting a brand new half Tebow, half centaur tattoo.

Did the man lose a bet? Does he just REALLY identify with Tebow? Time will tell. In the meantime we'll chalk it up to one of life's great mysteries.

The tattoo, courtesy of Love N Hate Elite Tattoo in Denver: