Used Condom Toddler Puts In Mouth Tests Positive In Florida For Gonorrhea; Tiesha Sanders Sues

A Florida mother is filing a lawsuit after her 3-year-old daughter found a used condom at a daycare playground and put it in her mouth.

The condom tested positive for gonorrhea, according to the suit.

Tiesha Sanders says that since the December 2011 incident, her daughter has had to be tested repeatedly for diseases that can take up to a year to emerge, Jacksonville's Channel 4 reports.

Sanders told the station last week that she plans to sue the Jacksonville Urban League, the organization which runs the Head Start daycare where the toddler picked up the condom.

“If it happens to my daughter," the mother said, "it can happen to yours."

According to a report by the Florida Department of Children and Families, the day care director stated that the playground area is checked and cleaned every day before children are allowed to enter.

Kids putting strange things into their mouths is nothing new. In March, a 3-year-old in Oregon had to undergo invasive surgery after eating 37 buckyball magnets.

And in July, a tot slept for three days after munching on his grandmother's pot-laced cookies.