Inside Tom Scheerer's 'Old-Fashioned' Brooklyn Townhouse Project, Featured In House Beautiful's May 2013 Issue (PHOTOS)

And why this designer said, "I don't think anyone can accuse me of being fashionable, or fashion-forward."

With styles ever-changing, there aren't many designers today that would confidently call their work "old-fashioned." But for Manhattan-based decorator Tom Scheerer, his vintage-inspired interiors are something he embraces. And in one of his latest projects, featured in House Beautiful's May issue, we get to see just how Scheerer is able to makes his love for all that is old feel fresh.

In the interior of this stunning Brooklyn townhouse, Scheerer started with wallpaper, a product that's enjoying a recent renaissance. But instead of the current trendy look -- bold geometrics -- Scheerer chose a scenic pattern by Zuber, which gives the home an aged feeling without looking dated. "[Old-fashioned] is not pejorative to me. It suggests tradition and propriety and comfort -- decorating that's sensible, civilized, uncontrived," he told the magazine. "I don't think anyone can accuse me of being fashionable, or fashion-forward."

The idea of vintage elegance is carried throughout the entire home. For example, the master bedroom has a clean and neutral palette of blue and white that is highlighted by a decoupaged vintage dresser (created with a collection of old fabric). The surprising harmony helps make Scheerer's impression of "old-fashioned" seem like a concept every designer should incorporate into their interiors.

Click through our slideshow to see photos of Scheerer's project. And be sure to pick up the May issue of House Beautiful, on sale April 23.

Tom Scheerer's Latest Project

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