Tweeters Furious Over Trump Calling Mar-a-Lago The 'Southern White House'

He used Barbara Bush's funeral as an opportunity to plug his golf resort.

Twitter was incensed Saturday after Donald Trump used Barbara Bush’s funeral as an opportunity to tout his private business in a tweet, dubbing his Mar-a-Lago golf resort the “Southern White House.”

Trump noted that he would be watching Bush’s funeral — on TV — at his golf resort.

The latest “southern” title of Trump’s private “White House” was particularly galling to many who called it a “dog whistle” to racists. Trump used to refer to Mar-a-Lago as the “Winter White House.” The “Southern White House” was where Confederate president Jefferson Davis lived during the Civil War.

Angry tweets also pointed out that it’s the only “White House” where taxpayers have to either pay a $200,000 membership fee to visit it or know a member who can afford those fees to invite them to visit.

There were also the usual complaints about Trump mixing his private businesses with his role as president — and traveling almost weekly to Mar-a-Lago and boosting its reputation on the taxpayer dime.

Trump used to slam Barack Obama for wasting time playing golf as president. But Trump has spent far more time on a golf course, according to several estimates, at an additional added cost of millions of dollars.

He has played golf at one of his properties every 5.1 days — 89 rounds — since his inauguration, according to The Washington Post. If Trump didn’t play again until mid-November 2019, he would finally match Obama’s playing time his entire first term, according to the Post.

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