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Ty Yorio, Fashion Week Security Man, Once Caught Andre Leon Talley Impersonator


The Wall Street Journal recently tracked down one of the staples of Fashion Week -- no it wasn't Marc Jacobs or Bill Cunningham, nor the celebs that line the front row. Meet Ty Yorio, the man who catches fashion show crashers.

Ty, along with his son David, are part of the 75 people (women, too!) who make up Lincoln Center's security team, but Ty has put in 45 seasons'-worth of work, guarding the shows at Bryant Park, as well. Interesting factoid: they all wear black suits by Ecogir that are made from recycled bottles. Eco-chic authority!

So how does Ty recognize a fake fashion week-goer? He told the WSJ, "There's a nervous energy about them. Their obvious evasion gives them away. They're looking down at their BlackBerry or wearing sunglasses." David added, "The only legit person wearing sunglasses here is Anna Wintour." Everyone, please take note.

Obviously, no one has tried to enter dressed as Anna (unless they missed this guy), but the Yorios once caught a woman dressed as Andre Leon Talley. We're not quite sure how she thought she'd get away with it. She should have just snuck in under his robe.

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