The Difference Between 'Type A' And 'Type B' People In One Hilarious Comic

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The difference between “Type A” and “Type B” people is basically night and day. Type A people typically have difficulty relaxing, while Type B people are laid back. Type A people generally can’t stand being slowed down, while Type B people prefer a more relaxed pace.

But nothing has summed up the contrast between Type A and Type B personality types so accurately as this illustration from Owl Turd Comix.

ShenanigansenOwl Turd Comix

While we should clarify that Type A people are not actually this unhinged, this comic does nail three things about the Type A/Type B divide:

  1. Type A people tend to be hypersensitive to time, because they hate to waste it.
  2. Type B people typically enjoy the journey, while Type A people are extremely goal-oriented. “[Type A’s] are certainly more occupied with achieving outcomes,” John Schaubroeck, a professor of psychology and management at Michigan State University, previously told HuffPost. “And given that they’re so occupied with achieving their goals, it makes sense that they would be more likely to do so.”
  3. Type A people are often competitive. There’s no such thing as losing gracefully. So when Type A individuals set their mind to something, they want to be the best at it, hands down.

Of course, there are plenty of people who show characteristics of both personality types. You might be “Type A-minus,” for example. And these personalty types should be taken with a grain of salt, because there’s no hard science on the subject. But no matter what type you feel defines you, we think anyone can see a bit of themselves in this spot-on comic.

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