Types of Orbita watchwinder available in the market

 The Orbita watch winders are the ideal decision with cutting edge watch winder technique and it has to be appreciated and treasured forever. Now the Orbita is known all over the world as the business pioneers for the designing, making and trading the watch winders of premium category.

The Orbita watch winder can be classified according to two fundamental variations,

  1. Rotorwind lithium framework’ and ‘
  2. Programmable AC controlled motors’.

The rotorwind is one of the most brilliant designs and utilize lithium battery sets which usually withstand for almost three to four years. The primarily favorable position to the Rotorwind is that this needs no wiring externally, therefore this can be fixed in a bureau or even a safe with no adjustment. The models that can be programmed based on AC control motors offers more features and they are ordinarily fixed in more expensive cases compared to the Rotorwind model. The Rotorwind models have 2 turns per one-day settings, while the programmable models have many turns per one-day alterations.

Some of the popular types of Orbita watch winders are explained below in brief.

Double Mechanical Watch Winder Orbita Sempre W31002 in Burl


1- Orbita Sempre

Presently people who go crazy for mechanical watches has their very own watch winder! The mechanical “fingers” used for accuracy get a handle on your timepiece’s crown and twists it. The very first and the main, the Sempre type of the Orbita will twist, yet does not wind too much including the self-winding timepieces.  A chip faculties expanding resistance when mainspring is twisted and consequently halts the watch winder when the watch nears a completely twisted state. This cycle rehashes at regular interval of 24 hours. The model accompanies case, distinctive sorts of crown twister and also a power supplier of 230 volts.A few collets are given to fitting over different crown sizes. This model is available at a market price of 2500 euro which includes VAT and shipping too.

Triple Watch Winder Orbita Futura Programmable W34004


2- Orbita Futura

This premium Orbita watch winder is designed using a complete innovation-based technology whereas an ironless Swiss watch winder is fitted in just two ball-bearing supportive rollers made of stainless steel. The outline for the Futura watch winder further supplements its cutting edge look whereby its winding module is mounted on a stainless steel base plate with mirror finishing which is then embedded on a dark enamel stand. This Futura watch winder can be attained for 570 euros per piece inclusive of the shipping charges and the VAT.



3- Orbita Sparta

The Sparta is an”industrial,” only watch winder that can twist basically any programmed watch. It is not like the other watch winders that turn timepieces with a specific end goal to turn them, the moderate Sparta kind from the Orbita, tenderly “oscillates” the watch. The swaying twisting activity of the Sparta watch winder is absolutely automatic and there is positively no way of harming a costly watch by just winding too much. A rotor which is semi-circular in shape is appended behind the mounting container and is the significant part of the licensed rotorwind framework. This exclusive design can be attained at 380 Euros per piece inclusive of all charges.

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